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Did you just install Ubuntu 16.04 on your computer only to figure out that the Ubuntu Software Center is not loading? Multiple users have reported that the Software Center always shows “No Application Data Found”. This is a known problem, and I too faced the exact same issue on one of my test PCs.

Ubuntu Software Center Error
Ubuntu Software Center Error

Fortunately, fix to this problem is easy and straight forward. An update was released by the Ubuntu team which had fixed the issue.

Canonical knows about the issue and since then they have issued an updated Ubuntu Software Center.

However, if you have a fresh Ubuntu 16.04 installation, the updated Software Center is not yet installed on your computer because the update is not included in the downloaded Ubuntu ISO builds.

Fix Ubuntu 16.04 Software Center not loading apps issue

Step 1) Launch ‘Terminal’.

Step 2) Run the following command to update the repository sources.

sudo apt-get update

Step 3) Now install the updates.

sudo apt-get upgrade

Wait for the process to finish. Try reopening Ubuntu Software Center. Did it fix the issue? For most of users, problem should end here. For some reason if the issue is not solved yet, try to reinstall gnome software. Follow steps 4 & 5.

Step 4) Run the following command to remove gnome software.

sudo apt-get autoremove gnome-software

Step 5) Use this command to reinstall gnome software.

sudo apt-get install gnome-software

Synaptic Package Manager

Still no luck? In such case you can use Synaptic Package Manager as an alternative to the Ubuntu Software Center. You will get all the applications that are in Ubuntu Software Center in Synaptic too.

Step 6) Launch Terminal and run the following command to install synaptic.

sudo apt-get install synaptic

Step 7) Launch it from ‘Applications’.

Did any of the above fixes work for you? Do let us know your experience in comments below.

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It works for me after the update in Step 3. Thanks!


Did you restart the machine?


Thank you for making this tutorial and writing instructions so clearly (I’m a beginner). For me it works again after step 3!


thx dear love your linux deeply and enjoy


Thank-you very much, great well explained simple solution fixed by step 3.

Danish Ateeque Shaikh
Danish Ateeque Shaikh

no still not working the error is E: Package ‘gnome-software’ has no installation candidate

and then after install syntax error is
E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.

what the hell am i supposed to do


Update/Upgrade didn’t get any luck. However, Synaptic worked fine.


Everthing got stopped in my system after running sudo apt-get upgrade command.