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Top 10 reasons to install elementary OS

by Abraham
elementary OS 5.1.4 desktop

Elementary OS is fast privacy concerning Windows and macOS replacement. This OS is designed with an emphasis on security, user-friendliness, and beauty. If you cherish the look and feel of macOS, then you should try out the Elementary OS. It is ranked as one of the easiest to use Linux distros ever.

Reasons to install elementary OS

You might have come across this exciting operating system or plan to install it in the future, and you have no clue where to begin and why to install it. Here is a comprehensive guide on why you should install the elementary OS.

1. Privacy and Security

The elementary OS privacy policy speaks it all. It reminds users regularly about the privacy of their data. Elementary OS guarantees users that the data belongs to them and at no cost shall the information be leaked. What interests more about this OS is that they do not collect the user’s sensitive data.

In addition, they do not engage in advertisement deals hence guaranteeing the safety of your information. The elementary OS application also involves the users before using the location. This is an additional privacy and security guarantee.

Elementary OS Security and Privacy

Elementary OS Security and Privacy

2. Elementary OS is easy to learn

The elementary OS is a simple and easy-to-learn Linux operating system compared to other Linux distros. It only takes a few seconds to find almost everything once the desktop is activated for the first time. The applications menu located in the upper left corner makes navigation much easier and manageable. In addition, the dock contains some favorites applications that one can access at the bottom without much strain.

The right corner of the Elementary OS contains indicators that make the configuration of the OS easier. The volume, WIFI, Power, and Bluetooth indicators enable users to manage the OS’s configuration quickly.

The app center also allows users to install apps into their newly installed operating system quickly. Bulk shortcuts are also an added advantage that makes the operating system much easier to learn and manage. Give it a try now.

Elementary OS is easy to learn

Elementary OS is easy to learn

Elementary OS Installation

3. Consistent Interface

Applications behave and open similarly to other already opened applications. That clearly justifies that the elementary OS developers clearly set clear design guidelines and stuck to them.

Being an Open-Source company, Elementary enables developers to follow similar rules while creating applications to run on Elementary OS. similarity in design makes it easier for both new and existing users to navigate the Elementary OS with ease.

The simple pantheon desktop makes the operating system unique and much appealing to the user. It has a simple interface that attracts users since it is not complex to use. Therefore, this consistent interface attracts more users since learning has been simplified.

Easy customization is what every user yearns for. Most Linux distros are customizable only that you have to undergo some procedure to get it done. This sometimes becomes a nuisance to most users, making them shun away from customizing their OS.

For beginners, the two default and standard ways of customizing your OS are Categories and a Grid. This layout makes apps and other installed software to be auto-organized depending on the user’s preference. Besides, an additional search bar is an essential component that searches for applications and is often the preferred way to launch your apps easily.

The named consistency makes us install this OS as anyone can easily manage it despite their experience levels with the Elementary OS.

Elementary OS Consistent Interface

Elementary OS Consistent Interface

4. User Friendly

Despite the beauty, the elementary OS is loved for being easy to use and stable. Most non-Linux users find it hard to use Linux operating systems due to the complex and unfamiliar graphical user interface. The elementary OS is referred to as the perfect OS for Linux newcomers. If you are a Windows or macOS user, it isn’t easy to blend into Linux distros if you have never used the Linux operating systems.

A newcomer can quickly get along with elementary OS without the need for a whole lot of assistance. The notification popups, dock, fonts, and status bar are familiar to Windows and macOS, making Linux newcomers feel at home.

5. Beauty at its best

Elementary OS Desktop

Elementary OS Desktop

The main design component visible in this OS is a simplified graphical user interface and beauty. These are the significant components that attract most people to use the elementary OS. The beautiful pantheon desktop makes the operating system much appealing.

The desktop contains unique and polished animations that make navigation within the OS much more manageable. The carefully selected wallpapers fit well to the desktop making it look elegant.

There are picture-in-picture mode, multitasking view, and do not disturb functions that should help you perform multi-tasking efficiently.

 Elementary OS Multitasking View

Elementary OS Multitasking View

6. Excellent Community Support

With elementary OS being open-source, dedicated contributors and volunteers are always willing to spend hours of their valuable time to ensure the issues faced by elementary OS users are solved. Therefore, users can enjoy unique computing experiences.

If you are new to elementary, you have no reason to worry since forums, blogs, and social media pages provide elementary OS users with the required information about the OS. This information is vital as it aids new beginners to learn how to navigate the elementary OS and it might also have debugged information that will help solve user problems.

7. Parental Control

The elementary OS comes with a built-in feature that enables parental control for your kids’ account – it’s the Screen Time & Limits. As a parent and admin, you can conveniently set usage limits so that kids can use applications for a specified period.

However, take this news with a pinch of salt as this feature doesn’t work well in our tests. Read our review of this feature here.

Elementary OS Parental Control

Elementary OS Parental Control

8. Default Apps and App Center

If you have used Linux before, you should be familiar with the software center. In an elementary OS, the software center is what is called the App Center. The App Center is structured to promote applications and consists of both free and paid apps. The App Center is suitable for any user since it contains the pay-what-you-want module, ideal for all users.

The App Center has been designed in a way the pre-installed list is lean, preventing bloatware. A curated list of applications is shipped by the developers making it easier to access almost any app from the App Center.

Elementary OS comes with default applications, meaning users can easily access the basic applications without installing third-party apps. For instance, the OS comes with web applications such as Mail and Epiphany. It also contains sound and media applications enabling the user to play and listen to music without downloading other media apps. Some of the default applications that come with the elementary OS are; Code, Videos, Photos, Epiphany, Terminal, and App Center.

Elementary OS App Center

Elementary OS App Center

9. Developer and Performance Friendliness

The fact that the OS developers concentrated on the beauty and simplification of the GUI does not mean the elementary OS is less powerful to run programming applications. The OS is powerful enough to be used by developers hence it being developer-friendly. The Elementary OS can run powerful editing and programming applications, making it a charm to most DevOps.

The most interesting with the elementary OS is that it allows the users to multitask while performing various tasks, thus reducing workload. This OS can be equated to the beauty with brains since its eye-catching interfaces are integrated with slick performance making it worth the applauds.

 Elementary OS User & Developer Friendly

Elementary OS User & Developer Friendly

10. Easy Go Keyboard Shortcuts

The elementary OS has an easy-to-use graphical User Interface hence are the keyboard shortcuts. Due to its fantastic design, the general layout of the Elementary OS enhances user adaptability. For efficient productivity, the OS comes with customizable keyboard shortcuts that improve user efficiency and productive workflow.

Shortcuts are always helpful when navigating from one station on the PC to another. Hence for quality workflow enhancement, the keyboard shortcuts are categorically grouped to enhance ease of access.

Elementary OS Keyboard Shortcuts

Elementary OS Keyboard Shortcuts


The article has covered the 10 reasons why you should install the elementary OS. However, that does not limit the reasons. There are more reasons for installing the elementary OS that has not been covered in this article, and for some, it could be their top reason for using the elementary OS. What are your reasons? Do let us know in the comments below.

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