Elementary OS 5.1.4 Review: Parental Control Finally Works?

Elementary OS 5.1 Hera has received a point release with a handful of new features and bug fixes, and we will be reviewing the significant changes in this article. For those new to elementary OS, this Ubuntu-based Linux distribution uses their inhouse built Pantheon desktop environment and AppCenter.

Upgrading elementary OS 5.0 to elementary OS 5.1 Hera

It has been a fascinating week for elementary OS users. With the launch of elementary OS 5.1, we have noticed several exciting new features, and there is a good reason to upgrade. Finally, every elementary OS user's dream has come true. You can perform an upgrade from Juno to Hera, as discussed in the official elementary blog.

How to enable Parental Control on Kids account on elementary OS

Parental control is one of the crucial things to be done to a computer before it goes in the hands of kids. Parental Control can be classified into two things to do. Firstly, setting the computer usage time so that kids won't end up killing the valuable sleep and active play hours, and secondly, the control over the adult content and sites that you don't want your kids to browse.

How to downgrade packages and apps on elementary OS

No always all app and package upgrades go smooth. Sometimes the upgraded app may lead to adverse effects. We will show you how to downgrade an already installed package on elementary OS. Two different but easy methods can be used to perform the downgrade process.

How to Encrypt the Hard Disk Partitions with DM-crypt

In this tutorial, we are going to help you encrypt your hard disk partitions on Ubuntu and its derivatives, with easy and clear steps. Be careful when you are learning and doing it the first time. I recommend doing a trial of this tutorial on a small partition whose data is already backed up.

Pantheon – Everything you need to know about the elementary OS desktop

If you have been using elementary OS Linux distribution, you might already know what is Pantheon. For those new to Pantheon, it is a desktop environment which comes bundled with the elementary OS.

elementary OS 5.0 Juno released, download it now!

The much-awaited elementary OS 5.0 Juno has finally landed. It took close to a year to develop the biggest increment of the elementary OS. For those new to elementary OS, it is based on Ubuntu and uses its own Pantheon desktop environment. 

How to fix DNS leak issue with OpenVPN in Ubuntu

No matter which VPN service you are using, if you are using OpenVPN to connect to your VPN service, chances are that your PC is already revealing your actual IP address due to improper network configuration. It's called the DNS leak! Let me guide you on how to fix this issue.