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How to report someone on Discord

by Emmanuel
report someone on discord

Discord is a substantial way to interact via voice and text chat with your gaming allies for free. While using Discord, you will encounter circumstances whereby someone says something offensive against you. In such instances, you will require to report these people for action to be taken against them.

The reporting process is not as straightforward as you might think, but in this article guide, we shall show you simple steps to report someone who violates Discord’s code of conduct.

If you are a regular internet user, it is easy to ram into issues with others, especially when in groups such as Discord. You might receive offensive messages that might force you to take action. Therefore, depending on the message’s severity, you may report the user directly to Discord for disciplinary action against them. 

Alternatively, if you don’t intend to directly report the violator to Discord, you can involve a moderator. A moderator in a Discord server is someone responsible for managing different aspects of the server they operate. Therefore, you can report issues to a moderator to help you get a solution. This is because server moderators are familiar with the users in question and can, in turn, mediate disputes.

Note: If a fellow Discord user threatens you, you might have to take extra measures since the Discord support team won’t be able to provide you with a viable solution. The best thing Discord can do in such instances is to ban the offender’s account, which in most cases won’t solve the problem at hand. Therefore, we recommend seeking help from your local police station or friends and family.

Let us now dive deep and learn how to report users on Discord.

How to report servers and users on Discord

In the chat section, you need to follow steps to report on someone spamming, harassing, threatening, or simply being abusive. Here is what you can do before reporting a violator on Discord.

Check if the message violates Discord’s guidelines

You don’t want to report someone unless their message goes against Discord’s community guidelines. Some of the activities and messages not tolerated on Discord include: Violating IP rights, harassment, promoting or instead glorifying suicide and self-harm, spam messages, sharing child pornography, threatening other users, distributing viruses, and sharing images of gore or animal cruelty.

In case their message does not fall into one of the categories mentioned above, you likely should not report them directly to Discord. Instead, if possible, talk with other channel members about their conduct. If you are the owner or a moderator on the server, you can even ban them from the channel. Also, you can block or mute the user to dodge seeing their content while they continue seeing what everyone else is saying on the server.

Another point to note is that even though the message is deleted after sending the report, disciplinary action can still be taken. Nonetheless, there is no way to report an already deleted message.

After checking that the message violates the Discord’s community guidelines, you can proceed and report the offender by following the steps provided herein:

Reporting a user in Discord

Follow the simple steps provided below to report a user on Discord:

1. Enabling Developer Mode

Step 1: Click on the “gear icon” after your name in the screen’s bottom-left corner

select gear icon

select gear icon

Step 2: Next, scroll down to the App settings section and click “Advanced.”

select advanced

select advanced

Step 3: Enable the “Developer mode” by sliding the grey button to turn green.

turns green

turns green

2. Gathering evidence for the report

Step 1: Copy the User ID

To copy the specific user ID you want to report, all you have to do is:

Maneuver to the message in question and right-click on the user’s name. From the subsequent drop-down menu, click on “Copy ID.”

user id

user ID

Then, paste the number you have copied somewhere and label it as “user ID”. Even if the user modifies their username, the ID will remain unchanged; hence they won’t escape.

Step 2: Copy the Message ID

Here, right-click on the message itself and select “Copy ID.” This time around, you will get an Identification number for the message and channel. Then paste and label it as “Message ID,” as we previously did.

select copy message id

select copy ID

After copying the message ID, proceed further and copy the message link that will later use in submitting the report.

select copy message link

select copy message link

Step 3: Copy the Server ID

To get the server ID of the user you want to report:

Advance over to the icon for the server on the left side of your screen and right-click on it. Here, select “Copy ID” and paste it with the other two IDs we already copied.

select copy ID

select copy ID

Label this “Server ID.”

3. Submit your evidence and report

You must complete this last stage in a browser through Discord’s Trust & Safety request center. To do this, go to the Discord Support website. From the options along the very top of the website, click on the Submit a request button.

discord website

discord website

Immediately after the Submit a request page loads, click the drop-down menu beneath What can we help you with? And select “Trust & Safety.”

select trust & safety

select trust & safety

After that, select the option that best describes why you are reporting that user under “How can we help?”

select option

select an option

Beyond here is an extensive branching menu. For instance, six more options will appear if you select Report abuse or harassment. If you choose Cyberbullying or harassment, five more options will come up, and so on.

Continue filling out the options until you see an empty field under Message Link (e.g., (i.e., https://discord.com/channels/XXXXXX/XXXXXX/XXXXXX). Here, you will input the message link you earlier copied.

massive menu

massive menu

Paste the message ID, user ID, and the server ID you previously copied in the description box. Also, you can enter any additional details you want Discord to know.



You may also consider sending screenshots of the messages to Discord, which can be achieved using the attachments section of the form.

attachment section

attachment section

Then click the submit button at the bottom of the page and let Discord take care of the rest.

How to clear a report from Discord

If you ram into a situation where you need to cancel a prior report, we suggest a direct message to the Discords official Twitter page. Send them your situation’s details and ask that a team member erases your report. You can also ease Discord’s teamwork by giving them the email address you use for your account. A few reasons someone might want to take back a report could be that they mistakenly reported someone before realizing that the message did not go against the community rules and guidelines.


This article has covered the essential tips you need to know about reporting a user on Discord. We hope you found it helpful. Keep following FOSS Linux for more Linux-related guides and tips.

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