How to add startup programs in elementary OS freya

Startup programs are great to quickly launch programs quickly, especially when you use the programs everyday. For example you may want to add Shutter which is a screen-capturing program and ideally good to keep it running in the background after startup. Likewise, you can add programs like Everpad, Chrome browser, or even Geary to open emails immediately after login, thus saving time. Let’s see how to add one in elementary OS freya.

elementary OS startup manager

Step 1: Click on ‘System Settings’ on the plank.

elementary OS Plank
elementary OS Plank

Step 2: Click ‘Applications’ in ‘System Settings’ dialog box.


Step 3: Click ‘Startup’. The list may be empty after fresh installation of elementary OS unless you installed any third-party programs that automatically adds startup entries.

Step 4: Click on the ‘+’ icon on the bottom left corner.

Step 5: Enter the program name that you want to add to startup. For example Geary in the below screen-shot.

Startup Manager - elementary OS Freya
Startup Manager – elementary OS Freya

In my case, I have added ‘Everpad’, ‘Geary’, and ‘Shutter’ to the startup list. You can simply toggle the corresponding button to turn it ON/OFF.

Startup Items in elementary OS Freya
Startup Items in elementary OS Freya

Next time you restart the computer, you will see all these programs getting launched automatically after login.

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