Friday, February 23, 2018
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How to reinstall Ubuntu, and keep your data safe in event...

Note that this guide is only for software related issues due to which your Ubuntu won't boot. If you have a major system failure because of hardware related issues, like for instance hard disk failure, this guide is useless.
VLC 3.0

VLC 3.0 released, and how to install it in Ubuntu 17.10

VLC 3.0 is a cross platform, free and open source software (FOSS) that is developed for community. Dubbed as "Vetinari", this new version of media player brings in latest technologies including 360 deg view, Chromecast streaming support, audio pass-through, and several other new features.

How to install Budgie desktop on Ubuntu 17.10

Budgie desktop environment is one of the wonderful contributions of Solus team and several other contributors to the Linux community. It is developed from scratch, and uses technologies similar to GNOME such as GTK+. The desktop looks modern, polished, and very light-weight.
Showing IP address on Ubuntu Top Panel

How to display IP Address of your PC in the Top...

How often do you look for your computer's IP address? May be several times in a day by chance you are troubleshooting network connection or may be once in a blue moon. This or whatever the reason, but if you wished to know your IP address at a glance on your desktop, you have landed at right tutorial. 
create iso image file ubuntu

Create an ISO image backup file from a Folder in Ubuntu...

Did you know that one of the best ways to take a backup of a file or a folder is to create a ISO file and store it in cloud or may be burn it to DVD disc? The advantage in creating an ISO file is having single file that is similar to a zip file, but ISO can be quickly burned to a disc.
Sophos for Linux

How to install Sophos Antivirus for Linux in Ubuntu

When it comes to security programs market, Sophos is highly respected and immensely popular brand. They have made a free version for Linux available which comes with virus scanner and removal tool. It also scans for virus in real-time.
rolling vs point release linux release

Linux Rolling Release vs Point Release, and which is better?

Any software development can be classified into two broad models, including Standard Point release, and other the Rolling release. Linux distributions development also use one of these development cycles.
Scan and Remove Virus

How to clean virus by command line scan in Ubuntu/Linux Mint?

Let's take a look at how to perform virus scan in a Ubuntu PC using ClamAV opensource antivirus program. This guide is tested on Ubuntu 17.10, but should work in older versions of Ubuntu, Linux Mint, and elementary OS too.
Fedora 28 new features

Fedora 28 New Features and Release Date

Fedora 28 development has begun and going ahead in a full swing. According to FESCo, Fedora 28 is expected to be released on May 1st, 2018, with the first public beta release on 27th March.

How to install Manjaro Linux alongside Windows as a dual-boot PC

Manjaro Linux is one of the fastest growing Linux distributions. It is based of Arch Linux. Arch Linux is known for its solid performance and superior light-weight handling features. However, Arch Linux is not a great distribution for beginners to Linux. One has to get into the command-line often to get things done. That's where Manjaro Linux fills in.