Thursday, November 23, 2017
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Linux Directory Structure

15 things you need to know about the Linux Directory Structure

In the second chapter of our 'Learn Linux' series, today we learn about the Linux Directory structure. Every operating systems have certain hierarchy of directory for organizing the files as a way to help users keep track of where something can be found.
Shutter Image Editor enable

How to enable Image Editor in Shutter in Manjaro, Arch Linux

Shutter is a great screen capturing utility for Linux users, and often it is referred as the free Snagit alternative for the Linux world. If you haven't tried it yet on Manjaro Linux, I suggest to try it out! It is feature-rich and can do basic image editing tasks like Crop, blur, resize, dress-up, etc. 
Manjaro File Explorer

How to create an Super Key (Win) + E shortcut to...

If you are coming from Microsoft Windows background like me, you should have know how handy is the Windows Key + E combination for launching the File Explorer. In the Linux world, the Windows key is referred as the 'Super' key. 

What’s new in Fedora 27 Workstation

The latest release Fedora 27 is now available for download! For those new to Fedora, let me quickly point out that it is an open source Linux distribution based on and sponsored by RedHat. Here are the The most notable new features in the Fedora 27.
Learn Linux - Shell

What is the Shell in Linux?

Many of our readers have requested me to write articles on learning Linux. I'm excited to introduce first article in this mega series - Linux Shell. You might have heard about this term used in Linux quite often. So, what is Shell? 

Manjaro won’t update “Can’t update: signature from… is marginal trust” error

Manjaro is a rolling distribution, meaning, install it once and it updates forever. So, chances of getting the packages and repository sources corrupt is...

How to install Google Chrome in Manjaro Linux

In this article, you will see the easiest way to install Google Chrome browser. This guide is fully tested on Manjaro 17.0.5, but should work on lower and upcoming versions as well in near future. There is Chromium browser, which is near equivalent, but for a complete Google experience, Chrome is the obvious choice for most users.
manjaro screenshots

Manjaro ‘Gellivara’ XFCE Edition (17.0.5) in 10 Screenshots

Want to take a quick virtual tour Manjaro XFCE edition instead of downloading GBs worth of ISO image and then making a Live USB of it? We will make it easy for you. Here are a series of screenshots of the important aspects of Manjaro Linux in XFCE edition. This is a light-weight edition, and aims to be fast and low on system resources. You will be amazed on how it is still visually appealing and user friendly.
linux mint 18.3 features

Linux Mint 18.3 update – Software Manager revamped

Linux MInt 18.3 will get a revamped, polished, and faster 'Software Manager'. The user interface layout is now inspired GNOME, and so looks more modern, simpler, and has cleaner look. Here is what happened until now.

LibreOffice 5.4 released; Writer, Calc and Impress gets new features

The last major release of the LibreOffice 5.x family is now available for download for Linux, Windows, MacOS X. LibreOffice 5.4 brings new features to the most popular modules of its office suite including Writer, Calc, and Impress.