Friday, February 23, 2018
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ubuntu 18.04 LTS Xorg

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS will ship with Xorg as default video server

Canonical has just announced that the Bionic Beaver 18.04 will use Xorg as default video server instead of Wayland. This comes as no surprise, as I think Canonical pulled the trigger on Wayland too early.
Ubuntu 18.04 New Features

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS New Features and Release Date

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS development is taking place in full speed and this exciting  stable build is expected to be released to public on 26th April 2018. The first beta version is planned be rolled out on 8th March. Ubuntu has started rising up after a slight slump period with the Unity desktop environment.

How to display battery life percentage in Ubuntu 17.10 status bar

Status bar (also called as top bar) in Ubuntu 17.10 displays several important info including open programs, day/time, network icons, speaker, and battery icon. By default settings, the Battery icon doesn't indicate how much percentage of battery is remaining.
Create Manjaro Live USB flash drive

How to create Manjaro Linux Live USB drive in Windows PC

Manjaro Linux is based on the independently developed Arch operating system.  Arch Linux is already known to be an exceptionally fast, powerful, and lightweight distribution. But Arch Linux is typically targeted to geeks who have some Linux background and command-line usage.
adding multiple clocks ubuntu 17.10

How to add multiple clocks in Ubuntu 17.10

By default settings, Ubuntu 17.10 displays one clock with one time zone setting in the status bar. I have my family and friends living in other countries, and so I thought it will be handy if I can have multiple clocks on my Ubuntu desktop for which I can specify different time zones in each of the clocks. 
Create wifi hotspot ubuntu

How to create and configure Wi-Fi Hotspot in Ubuntu 17.10

Creating a Wi-Fi Hotspot is easiest way of sharing internet connection via your computer's Ethernet connection to wireless devices including smartphones and tablets. To enable that you need to first turn your laptop's wireless network into a WiFi Hotspot and then connect your devices to the WiFi hotspot you created. 

How to disable keyring in Ubuntu, elementary OS, and Linux Mint

Ubuntu and its derivatives including Linux Mint and elementary OS ask for keyring every time a user reboots the computer and launches certain Internet browsers including Google Chrome and Chromium.

Automatic login not working in Ubuntu 17.10

Several users has reported that automatic login is not working in Ubuntu 17.10.  This is a bug which is currently included to be fixed in upcoming software updates for Ubuntu 17.10. Note that this problem is confirmed to occur only on nvidia video graphics based computers.
Wayland vs x11 ubuntu 17.10

How to switch between Wayland and Xorg in Ubuntu 17.10

Starting with Ubuntu 17.10, the dev team have decided to dump Xorg and incorporate Wayland as the default video driver, primarily to boost performance. But, Wayland is still in earlier phase of development and seems like "not yet" ready for use as daily driver.
night mode ubuntu 17.10

How to enable Night light mode in Ubuntu 17.10

Night light mode has been around sometime in smartphone and tablets. It has entered into some Linux distros as a default enabled feature. GNOME desktop environment have added the Night light mode from GNOME 3.24 which got released around a year before.